What is big data

The term Big data has been a buzz in the recent time. But what exactly big data is.

Is it related to programming ?

Being a software developer we are tempted to think about it as some kind of technology to handle too much of data or any kind of framework or related to any programming language. But, it is not any framework or not related to any programming language.

What exactly it is ?

As the name suggests itself, big data is nothing but a generic term used to classify the large amount of data which is being gathered around the world from different activities being performed. This data could be anything. It could be the data related to activities of users on social networking websites, data of the customers of a bank, customers performing online transactions or users shopping on an online store etc. This kind of data is so much in amount that it is not possible to store or analyze it using standard methods of storage like use of any database.

What is Big data analytics ?

Imagine the amount of data being generated daily for these kinds of activities. Users daily posting videos, pictures or documents on the websites, performing financial transactions, weather forecasting information, stock market information and its related transactions. These are only few activities of some of the largest data generating activities that occur every day, every single hour or every single minute, to say. Such a huge amount of data not only needs to be collected or well organized but also can act as a great tool for running the business.  This data being generated can help in understanding current trend of the industry (which could be any industry), what users are looking for and what they are getting, how the business is getting impacted with the current policies, what needs to updated or depreciated or what should be the future plan of actions and all these kind of activities. All this process of collecting, organizing and analyzing it, is referred to as the process of big data analytics.

Types of big data

Big data is generally classified as either structured or unstructured data. An example of type of structured data is data stored in a relational database. To be more precise, it is like storing data in specialized table structure (similar to storing data of employees in an employee table). On the other hand, unstructured data is which cannot be stored in any structure manner or specialized format of a table. This type of data is usually like data in  emails, videos or photos etc. Apart from these, there is a semi structured type of data which is partially structured in the sense that it has some kind of properties (which the structured data has) which makes it easy to analyze and unstructured in the sense that it is not stored in the relational database. An example of it can be any XML data file or database of the type NoSQL.

Hope you enjoyed reading it…!!!

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